Grouse Grind Rehab

A love hate relationship that I can’t live without! 

In April I blew my knee out playing soccer with my daughter, Natalie, which left me unable to run or do yoga -  my two favourites!  I desperately needed to sweat and to challenge my cardio.  The bone bruises (little micro fractures)  will take approx. 8 months before allowing impact so I must say, I was so grateful when the Grouse Grind opened for the season.  2.9km of uphill humiliation while grasping for breath but at the end of it I am fully back to the calm, mental state that I love to live in.  Thank you to all the rest of you Grouse Grinders – especially the 70+ year woman and 80+ year old man that beat my best time and the 4 and 5 year olds that look so happy bobbing thier way up the trail.  Inspiring.